Judy's Jottings April 2019

Dear friends and family and prayer supporters

Please do accept the sincerest of apologies for no jotting in March and this will only be brief but there will be a second jotting out at the end of April hopefully.

Thank you for the lovely birthday and Easter greetings and I pray that you are able to celebrate Easter with friends and family. We will most likely have a bit of a quieter Easter this time but not decided yet. Prior to Easter we also have Songkran, the Thai New Year so there will be lots of community party events happening at ours in the next few weeks.

The pollution levels here in Chiang Mai have been awful and hazardous. Thankfully our children have all stayed well though they are now succumbing to the fevers and coughs this week unfortunately. We are so blessed to have friends who provided an air purifier so the air quality inside can be brought down to nearly safe levels. Pray for sustained health in this prolonged period of bad air quality. We did escape away for 4 days down to the beach – all of Hope Home went with CAM and our young people and families – 2 days travel on a bus and 2 days at the sea…..the family camp with the theme of “Joy is good medicine” was well worth it and our children did incredibly well the whole time. Photos and more detail on the April jotting part 2!

March saw the farewell to Tony and Joy, to 2 staff members (Bom and Oi) and the rearrival of and then the departure of the Action Team – however…..big drum roll!!!!!!!!!!

April has seen significant comings and goings

On April 2nd A beautiful girl called Satang joined us….she is just under 4 years of age and has mild cerebral palsy and is blind. We have known about her for a while and were waiting to be able to take her in until we were registered. She has the looks, vocal sounds and mannerisms of my first foster girl, Sasikan at that age, and it is quite an odd feeling seeing Sasi at that stage all over again. Satang is settling in well and already charmed all the staff and any visitors and the children adore her.

On the way to the beach Becca and I were informed that Bow’s adoption is nearly complete and the process ready to go to the adoption Board on 24th April. We kept the news to ourselves until back from the beach and we are now preparing the hearts and minds of the staff, the other children and of course, Bow herself, that she will be leaving us on 19th April. Pray for us all in this transition time and pray for Bow as she tries to comprehend the next big move in her life….but to a final forever wonderful family. Pray for the family too as they too prepare their hearts, after a long wait, for the arrival of one very special and adorable Bow into their family. The family is a lovely Christian family and Bow will have 2 older brothers who are pretty excited! They are from the UK but they live and work in Bangkok.Pray too for our children here as they try to comprehend that Bow is leaving and that it is a good thing! Pray especially for Gai who continues to wait for his adoption process to reach this final stage-it will be tough on him probably. If you want to pray specifically into the transition process from now to 24th April please let me know and we have a schedule you can use as a prayer guide.

CAM has had a lot happening there and much to tell for them, but pray specifically for Gung Lek as she and her family grieve the loss of her mum in March after a long illness, and pray for Rev Sanan Wutti as the reality of retirement and leaving CAM hits, and pray for Jaruwan as she takes on the role of new director. More of CAM in the next jotting.

Much love and huge thanks for your incredible support. Pictures next time – of the beach, of Bow, of Satang, of Easter and Songkran …..worth the wait.

May God richly bless you as you celebrate Easter and reflect on the unfathomable grace and mercy of our God.


Just for starters –two pictures below….Bow and Satang


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