Judy's jottings Aug 2019

The most recent update from Judy in Thailand

Judy’s Jotting – August 2019

Dear friends and family and prayer supporters

Greetings from a wet, hot and even more sticky Chiang Mai. I think everyone that warned us this weather was here to stay is proving right!

So I first of all apologise for the lateness of an August jotting but we have been busy with really good events and good news.

Hope Home:-

Main news:

Our gorgeous 4 year old Gai, after almost 3 years wait, went to be with his adoptive family on Monday 26th August. We are so happy for him and for his wonderful family. He will be living in Chiang Mai with his Mommy, Daddy and one older brother and older sister…plus he has two other brothers in university in the States. Gai enjoyed all the work up to his leaving- the sorting his possessions (and those of a few others when we weren’t looking), a day trip out to the dinosaur park with Amos and Tada and his new family, and of course the farewell party. This one had, at his request, a red and yellow theme in the cake and balloons, a menu of chicken nuggets and French fries and did I say cake?! And presents? He did really well at the official meeting stuff at the social welfare department too, and when he left he declared himself it was time to go home, and so they did! The first few nights have been a little fretful but he is thus far loving getting to know his new house, and being with his family all the time. Photos will be attached at the end , please remember this very special family in your prayers, especially on 4th September when it is the next official meeting in Bangkok, and Gai will experience a plane ride for the first time too. He is quite excited about that!

Also big news on our adopted girl, Bow –she has been with her family since April and is living in Bangkok. Bow has had cochlear implant surgery on 27th August, 2019, and she is recovering well. Pray for smooth transition for Bow into hearing via this technology.

Other news in brief-since it is already 31st August so this will not get out!

August saw us celebrate Thai mother’s day – treated out to lunch at a local restaurant by the restaurant company, and then a playdate out for children and shopping time for staff while a local family helped Becca and I oversee the children. We felt very spoiled and I think our staff felt extra loved and appreciated.

August saw two birthdays celebrated – Wichai 23 and Satang 4 …..both involved cake of course and balloons and presents. There is no other way to celebrate really. September we have Natalie, Phil, Sam and Gai, though Gai will be there in our hearts but with his family.

Health-wise the children are doing basically okay, though Satang is still pretty uncontrolled with her epilepsy but getting less strong fits thankfully. Sam is growing exponentially! As is Choppy – exercise programs needed now, but children thriving and getting bigger is what we would rather than the other way.

Physiotherapy times out at local centres and hospitals are back on again now, so once a week Wichai, Phil and Satang head off to the government hospital for physio, and then Sam and Joy go to another centre on the same day, and a further day Phil and Satang get to go again. It is good for us to learn new techniques and gain new ideas of how to continue therapy, and is a fun trip out in the red bus.

Oo and Nit are continuing to do well and will be official next month having passed their 3 month probation as staff/ volunteer interns.

At CAM:-

CAM staff remain busy but committed and we have successfully mastered a new way of submitting proposals on line for one of our donors. This stretched my not so great technological skills but we got there by a team approach! It should get easier from now on hopefully.

We at Hope Home continue to appreciate the support from CAM and Baan Sabaay in so many aspects. Gung Lek is coming out for a monthly worship time and helping talk to the staff and encourage them, and this is fantastic.

Family news:-

I have a new great niece, born to Abigail and Martin and I look forward to seeing them all when I am home in the UK for a brief visit in 2-3 weeks’ time. Lots to fit in, but will be worth the time at home before heading back straight into TBMF conference. Hopefully the children and staff will stay well and happy while I am away.

Much love and huge thanks for your incredible support. Keep us in your prayers still please – especially as we walk through the seeming minefield of paperwork to help all our staff be completely proper.

I pray you continue to know the peace and assurance of our Lord and Saviour each day in your lives.

God bless


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