Covid-19 Update

With services suspended for the foreseeable future we have been busy organising for the long haul.
We will start having an internet broadcast on a Sunday over the coming weeks. But this Sunday will be emailing out to regulars a message from our minister. This is a deliberate measure. We want to get this right so that we have the most accessible stream or broadcast for our needs.
It isn't what we would like, it isn't what we would consider best. Yes this is sad. But it's also an opportunity for us to stop, reflect, and hear from God. Something we have been encouraged to do throughout our series on the Holy Spirit.
We will also be emailing out new regular news letters with all sorts of information and inspiration. I'm sure there will be a fair smattering of comedy too! For those who are not on the internet there are plans in place to hand deliver hard copy of these too. If you have contributions for this please send them in the normal way to Stuart.
Physical church services may be suspended. But Church is not and we will gradually find new ways of worship, fellowship and community.
In terms of care, each member of the Leadership Team will be in weekly contact with members and those that come regularly. This is to ascertain how we can continue to serve each other. A team is in place to respond to those needing to put isolation or self distancing measures in place within our faith community. Whilst we hope to be proactive in staying on top of the needs of the church community, please feel free to contact us if you need to.
As minister I want to thank those who have already responded to help us put these measures in very quickly. I'm sure other new and different initiatives will follow. Especially as we approach Easter.
As we continue, please keep yourselves as safe and well as possible. Follow the advice you're given. Continue to care and love one another. And remember God isn't suspended, our call to love one another isn't suspended, our call to be Jesus to others isn't suspended, and our great living, loving, forgiving God is very much here in the middle of this with us.
God bless

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