Thy Kingdom Come - praying together

Dear all,

Over the last 12 months we’ve had three mid-week prayer meetings focussed on reaching out to others. This was inspired by the Thy Kingdom Come campaign and kicked off in May. You may remember prayer cards and leather strips to tie knots in.

It’s time to look back and start again. Thy Kingdome Come runs 21st – 31st May this year. How apt that Pete is just starting a teaching series based on the Lord’s prayer.

I want to invite you to do two things.

Firstly, join me for prayer on Thursday 28th May at 8 pm. You can just pray at home on your own but I will run a church prayer meeting online using Zoom. You can join me for some time together, online, to worship, share and pray. I’ll even set it up so we can break off into smaller groups and share and pray together, like we often do when we meet like this.

Secondly, to support this, whether you join me online or just pray in your own homes, take a look at the resources you can get to support you. On this link you can download the prayer journal you can use in pdf format. Prayer Journal Or you can buy it from here buy resources.

Instead of just the prayer journal you could buy a pack that includes the journal and other items including a leather band to replace the one I gave you last year. There are various options available; a prayer pack for one adult, for a household of two adults, or a family pack. Last year I was late with my order so the leather bands were out of stock. What I got as substitutes were not good. Order your own pack and I promise you’ll get better quality than last year!

I’ll send details of the logon for the prayer meeting later but please set the date in your diary. Praying for others and our world is so important. It would be great if you could join in with me online or just praying in your own home at the same time.

God bless,



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